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The world has gone mobile. It's time for every event to have a mobile app.
We create beautiful event mobile apps, that does everything for Events, Conferences and Trade Shows.

About EventSmart

We will do all the hard work for you. We build the customized event app for you, manage all the content as well as the last minute changes and also measure the metrics from app impressions, quick polls and surveys.

What can an Event App
do for you

An event app will include everything your event needs. Easily add agendas, speaker bios, route maps, sponsor lists, business chat and much more.

Customize everything in your event app

Update or make changes to your schedules, route maps, and speaker bios' and app will reflect all the last-minute changes instantly.

Build your social network

Encourage people to join your own social network with an event-only community. Create a social platform for attendees to discover event content and engage in lively discussions.

Measure event performance and ROI

Replace the guessing game with real ways to demonstrate the success of your event.

Get the Best Event App
in the Indian market

We provide the latest and greatest event technology for your next event. Engage your attendees with personalised information and provide value to exhibitors, all while simplifying operations for trade show executives.


EventSmart is a customised mobile app that provides all the event information in one place and engages visitors to learn, interact, and share their experiences. EventSmart provides a common platform for visitors to chat with exhibitors even after the event is over. It also generates data about visitors that helps event organisers' to optimise future events.

Exhibitor Profiles

Visitors can refer to the exhibitor profiles and chat with them even after the event is over. We facilitate networking based on interests.

Digital Agendas

Show the entire event schedule with complete session details, speaker profiles and multiple tracks. Visitors can bookmark favorite sessions.

Interactive Route Maps

Integrated Google map will guide attendees to reach the event venue from different locations like airport or railway station.

Live Polling & Surveys

Encourage attendee participation and invite event feedback. Surveys increase engagement and gather highly relevant info.

Connecting People

EventSmart makes it easier for attendees to chat/communicate with Exhibitors & Speakers right from their phone.

Content Management

Exhibitors can add their collateral and update logos, company descriptions, and contact info in a single location.

Push Notifications

Deliver important messages and sponsor information to attendees with (location based) push notifications.

Update on the fly

Modify and edit content anytime, like schedules, Exhibitor details or speaker profiles due to last minute changes.

The biggest events and the best companies are using EventSmart for their events.

You can customize EventSmart with your own branding and easily add features to make your app unique and effective.

EventSmart is available on

both Android and iPhone app stores.

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